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Buying a car is a big purchase. You use your car everyday and you must choose something that is reliable and suits your lifestyle. We have comprised a list of some of the top things to consider:

Decide what type of automobile your lifestyle requires:

Everyone has different needs: families, cargo, speed and style. Look at your lifestyle and decide what suits you or your family best.

Decide on a budget:

Be sure you can afford the vehicle for your lifestyle. To do this create a budget with all your other household expenses and figure out how much money you have left over to spend on an automobile

Narrow your search:

Once setting a budget, it is best to narrow your choices down to three automobiles. There are so many different types and styles of cars to choose from it can get confusing and overwhelming. So we recommend narrowing your search.

Read Reviews

Take your time and read reviews and ratings on vehicles of your choice. It is time consuming. However, it is worth the time. Buying a car is a big investment and something you use every day.

Buying vs. Leasing

Car prices have continued to rise over the years and creative financing has kind of come to a halt. In basically all finance situations; some sort of a fee is attached. The real questions that needs to be answered is, which financing meets your needs? In all, take your time and choose what is right for you .

Leasing has its benefits with less money down and lower monthly payments, which makes it seem like a good deal. But the truth is leasing offers great convenience with a limited amount of miles you can put on the car each year, typically 10k-12k miles. It is a good choice if you do not drive your car a lot. Be sure to use your negotiating skills and pay attention to any fees associated with leasing.


Before purchasing make sure your budget is in place and that you can afford the monthly payments for a loan. It is important to remember you will have taxes, title, registration and insurances on top of the final car price. The next step, is to secure financing from your bank or the dealership. Shop around for the best interest rates. Again check for fees, rebates or discounted rates for direct deposits etc.

Make an educated purchase

After reviewing all your options make an educated purchase based on your findings.

Purchasing your vehicle

Use the internet for pricing and reviews to find the best deals. Call your local dealerships and ask them for their price and if it is more then what the best deal you can find tell them that you would like to give them the business but you have found the car cheaper at another location. Negotiate and drive the price down. Purchasing at the end of the month can be a good option as well as many salesmen and dealerships are trying to make their numbers. Manufactures offer dealership discounts if they hit certain numbers and therefore they can typically sell the car at a lower price to you.

Trade in or sell outright

If you sell your car outright you obviously will come on top with more money then what you would get for trading your car in. This being said, if you are willing to take the time to list and meet with buyers it is totally worth selling it on your own for more money.

Test drive before you make a choice

A test drive is key to purchasing a car. It may not ride as nice as it looks. It may not be comfortable for those long rides. Take the time and drive as many vehicles as you like. Remember you are making an investment and you want it to be a good one.

on 02/15/2015

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on 02/15/2015